Discus Locks: A Security Must



Discus locks, put simply, are circular shaped locks with an extra aluminum jacket that leaves the bolt less exposed compared to conventional locks. They are a staple of the self-storage industry and add an extra layer of security that few thieves would be willing cut. As of yet, the only way to cut them is with an electric tool. The sound of a noisy generator and metal grinder are enough to thwart even the most brazen criminals. Being shielded with an aluminum jacket, they differ little from conventional locks except that little of the actual bolt is exposed.



The bolt is achilles heal of any lock and is what any would-be thieve would try to cut in the event of a break in. When cut with bolt-cutters, the aluminum jacket gives way and makes it impossible to break through into the bolt. Simply including these locks with each rental can greatly reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

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