How To Spot a Sketchy Self-Storage Business

1. Bad Location


As the saying goes, business is all about location, location, and location. Storage is often a target to thieves that have nothing to lose and will break into literally anything. Having a storage business that is located in a safe area is vital to preventing break-ins. Basically, storage units that are located away from hotbeds of criminal activity keep out the majority of would-be thieves.


2. No Barbed-Wire Fence



While the first barbed-wire fences were originally used to deter animals from escaping farmlands, they eventually found there way into the world of business security. Scaling a barbed-wire fence is tough for even the fittest criminals and will lead snags, tears, and cuts. Not having a fence is a sure sign of a storage business that does not have the capital or intelligence to keep tenants safe.

3. Poor Technology



Technology is the new frontier of any modern business big or small. Sophisticated surveillance, self-storage databases, and web marketing are now essentials to a successful storage business. When searching for quality storage, keeping up-to-date with the newest technology is a sure sign of good management. These breakthroughs not only make the business more efficient, but show that the owners are smart enough to realize the bottom-line: Happy, paying customers.

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