Why is Climate-Controlled Storage a good idea?

  • Weather in this region is often unpredictable and can vary drastically. Having a constant temperature and humidity can better preserve belongings.
  • If storing critical information that cannot be lost, such as papers, files, computers, and hard drives.
  • Electronics are especially sensitive to heat and moisture. Climate controlled storage provides the perfect enviornment for the situations.
  • Long-term exposure to the elements can destroy even the most durable goods. If you are planning on renting for more then a year, climate controlled storage would be the best option.
  • If you frequently plan on visiting your unit, doing so outside may become a hassle.
  • North Carolina’s summers are hot and humid. These create poor conditions to store sensitive belongings.imgres-1



3 Things That Should Never Be in Storage

1. Batteries



According to Wikipedia, “Alkaline batteries are prone to leaking potassium hydroxide, a caustic agent that can cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation”. Make sure to check all electronics for leftover batteries before storing. Not only can battery leakage be dangerous to the body, it can also damage belongings.


2. Pressurized Cans & Bottles



3. Photographs



The US library of congress suggest photographs should be at room temperature with 30-40% humidity. If you wish to store sensitive photos, look into climate controlled storage. Western NC often has unpredictable weather, so steer from putting old family photographs in the storage.